Friday, February 19, 2010

Poopy Diapers

So I volunteered to watch Brooklyn and Easton today and let me tell you...what an adventure. Brooklyn is spending the night at my place. Lindsey came and picked Easton up a little bit earlier. Let me just start by saying those kids have the WORST poop in the world. It seriously reeks like nobody's business...sorry Linds if this is embarrassing you. I love these kids to death but when I volunteered for this job, I forgot about the fact that kids poop. I was seriously gagging when I had to change Easton's blow out and then once again was gaggin uncontrolably when Brooklyn walked out of my bedroom from sleeping and said "I'm poopy" Oh my heavens...was she ever. I gagged the entire time and Brooklyn laughed uncontrolably. It seriously was aweful. I'm never having children I've decided. Other than that part of the was seriously so fun to have them. Brooklyn was shy for about 3 or 4 hours. Eventually she warmed up to all my roommates at approximately bedtime...figures as much. It's been so fun to have her here. She was super easy to put to sleep and everyone just loves her. She's welcome to come here any time she wants...keep that in mind Linds :)