Monday, December 28, 2009

Being Crafty

So lately I've had this desire to be really far i think it's going pretty good. I think my sisters can atest for me that it's going pretty good. I've started to make these pretty cute headbands and i've crocheted headbands as well. I'm having so much fun with it! And I came up with the crazy idea that I'm going to try and sell them on the side and see how do. So i need some ideas on how to make this work. I've thought about selling them at little boutique things but do they do that? I know my sister in law does a little boutique thing every year where a bunch of people sell stuff. Does anyone know about these types of things and if so, please inform me! There's also which I'm seriously considering just for kicks. Who might not even work out and people might think they're really ugly and i might get stuck with a whole lot of headbands. But as for right now all my sisters want one so I'm going to make them all one so they can model them for me and spread the word. I'm going to make adult ones and then also child size. I'm not even sure how much I would sell them for...I still need to work those things out, i'm just trying to get the word out. Details and pictures will come! Let me know if you are interested. spread the word and let me know if you have any ideas of ways I could sell these things!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Plenty of Fish in the Sea??

So I've been thinking...we always hear the phrase, "there are plenty of fish in the sea." And Every time I go through a break up, it feels like that is the re-occurring phrase that comes out of my mothers mouth. I do very much agree with you, mom. There really are millions and billions of fish in the sea, but the other day I had to sit and just laugh for a second as I thought about this precious phrase. So yes...there are plenty of fish in the sea...HOWEVER, you have to rule out a few of them if you think realistically. You can't have every fish, let alone even want every fish...what about the weird fish?....the hot-headed fish?...the shy fish?...the whore fish who swims around with all the other whore fish...and don't even get me started on the ugly fish? The ugly fish in itself cut out about half the school of fish...

I think after calculating all the different varieties of fish that I just don't care for, that leaves me with maybe 5% of the fish in the sea that could be a possibility.

I hope none of you take offense to this, but I think we all know I'm right on this one. You will certainly not be attracted to every fish in the sea...I understand that. There's some fish that just aren't your type and that you just don't click with. And yes, believe me, I know that I am still VERY young and I am loving every minute of being single. But eventually I do want to get married...So for you 5% of fish that are out there that COULD be a possibility...I'm holding out for you...I have just yet to find you. For the time being, I'm living up the single life and waiting for that gorgeous fish in my ward who I am VERY much attracted to, to decide that I really am lots of fun to swim with...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finals Blow...

I seriously don't see the need for finals. I don't understand them. They blow and they blow hard! I swear the only point for finals is to make you think your really smart and then after you walk out of the testing center, you're brought back down to the zero level and feel as big as an ant because you weren't as big of a hot shot as you thought you were. I have had ZERO desire to study for finals this semester. I've been to the library several times in the past few days for hours at a time and i still feel like i get NOTHING could possibly be because I always see this beautiful boy everytime I go in there (but that's besides the point)...Take today for instance...I was in the library for 4 hours and still got nothing done and Beautiful boy wasn't even there!...I was probably because I was hoping and waiting for beautiful boy to enter... but yet, he was a no show. I walked out thoroughly disappointed. Disappointed in myself for not focusing more on my studies and disappointed that I didn't get to look at beautiful boy for 4 hours straight...So tragic...

So Please Beautiful Boy...All I'm asking is for you to be in the library tomorrow so you can give me a little encouragement to study...and if not...just show up so that I can have a little piece of eye candy for the day...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ritz Crackers

K seriously...why are Ritz Crackers so dang good. So I was sitting up on campus in the MARB waiting for my awful nutrition class to start. I was sitting on the ground up against the wall trying to get warm from just being outside in the freezing cold, when I realized I was really hungry. My thoughts immediately turned to the sleeve of ritz crackers that I brought for a snack today. I brought them expecting to eat just a few to tie me over till I could actually feast upon a nutritious meal. So I pull them out of my backpack, carefully open the package making sure I don't crush any of them. I started by just taking one out...shoved the whole thing in my mouth and decided...hey these taste pretty darn good right now. So i went for another one. Before I knew it...I was half way through the sleeve...and I didn't even care...I just kept on chowing down. So I'm sitting there facing the stairs watching everyone walk up them. I see at the bottom of the stairs this guy starting to run up the stairs...taking them 2 at a time. The moment he started running up, I knew he was going to biff it. And as I thought this...I made sure my ritz were still in hand...I just wanted some food to enjoy the show right? And sure enough...I was right...I had just put a cracker in my mouth when the guy started slowing down at the top and didn't quite make it all the way up to that second step. He completely fell on the stairs...banged his knee on the stair. He stands up and said, " that's embarrassing." I laughed in my head...that type of evil laugh when it would just be too rude to let it out so you are forced to keep it in. And thought to myself, "Called it!" After he walked away, (limping I might add) another girl looked at me and started busting up laughing. I decided it was appropriate for me to laugh...with a cracker in mouth. Now that I think of was definitely not lady like to open my mouth with food in there...definitely not a pretty sight to see mashed up food sitting on your tongue. And before I knew it...I was down to my last cracker. How could I possibly eat a whole sleeve of ritz in a matter of minutes! I guess I just had too much fun enjoying the show....

Monday, November 23, 2009


Our cougars pulled through with another victory on Saturday. BUT the best part of the whole game was that Craig and I were on TV i'm pretty sure. They captured this moment...

Craig sat on my lap to keep me warm. It was absolutely freezing. The next thing I know there is a camara in my face. So we smiled and waved as Craig said, "Oh Crap". Good thing I wasn't picking my nose or THAT would've been embarrassing. We can't help that we're just ridiculously good-looking.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hit by a car

Nope....I wasn't the one that got hit. My roommate got hit by a car tonight. Very scary! Some idiot chick driver was going about 30mph and hit my roommate, Lindsay as she was crossing the crosswalk. The EMT came and took her to the ER. You gotta love my roommate though...when the EMT got to the site of the accident Lindsay told the EMT to call my other roommate Bekah and tell her that she wasn't going to be able to make it to FHE (Lindsay is our FHE mom) Bekah about busted up laughing...way to magnify your calling Linds. Anyway, she was definitely blessed with the fact that she didn't have a concussion, any broken bones or fractures. She's definitely feeling some extremely bad pain though. Our ward is so great and rallied around the cause and helped out with a bunch. It's great how the gospel brings us all together. Your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Broken Sandals

Well Everyone...I am sad to announce that my super cute black sandals passed away the other day. Let me fill you in on what happened. Last week on Tuesday I was up on campus walking back from the devotional with Craig and Bekah. Ya know....I'm just walking along minding my own business in a huge crowd of people. Lucky me that I take after my extremely clumsy older sister (love you Bre) I totally tripped on a little crack in the side walk. It was one of those cracks that the squares of cement don't line up quite right so one of them is a little higher than the other...yah that beloved one. You think Cement layers would know how to evenly spread Cement. I blame them for this mishap. Anyway, so i totally trip and the strap of my sandal broke. Luckily these sandals had a strap around the ankle too so they were still connected. My sandal was pretty much dragging on the floor so I had to pick up my foot. I felt like a retarded horse. Craig and Bekah could not stop laughing at me. It was aweful. I was going to be late for one of my classes so I had to go to class with a broken shoe. Craig, as kind and gracious as he is, picked me up after my class and ran me home so that i could get a new pair of shoes and made it back to campus just in time for my next class.
Because these sandals are my favorite shoes I felt like I needed to save them in some way. Thank goodness for the divine invention of Gorilla Super Glue right? Thanks to Craig he lent me some glue to repair my poor shoe. So i reattached the strap with the glue...gave it a little tug to make sure it worked and what did I find?....A miracle! It totally worked....or so i thought.
This past Tuesday I decided to give it a shot and wear the sandals again. I was running a little bit late on this particular morning. It wasn't the greatest morning to be running late either...I had a paper due in my first class so i was trying to book it up to campus. So I'm walking fairly quickley....backpack on back, coat in hand, sandals functioning great until what happened? THE SAME EXACT THING! I tripped on a stupid cement square that was little bit higher than the previous one and my sandal broke again! I stopped for a second and did a lot bit of that dance when your not really sure if you should go back or keep on going forward. People, I had just barely passed the riviera parking lot when this happened so I definitely was not too far away from my apartment. I'm pretty sure any normal girl would've said, "screw class. I want to look good. and I definitely don't want to be looking like a horse walking around all day with a broken shoe." Well mom, I'm pleased to announce that my schooling won this battle. I can't believe i did this but i just kept on trudging...ALL THE WAY UP TO CAMPUS. I went to my first class with a broken shoe..trying so hard to not turn heads. I text Bekah and Craig of what had tragically happened to me. They definitely got a kick out of it. Bekah, bless her soul, brought me a new pair of sandals to the devotional.

Moral of the Story: Time for new black Sandals! oh and...Watch out for those stupid abnormally raised Cement squares in the ground. Come one Cement Layers...learn how to do your job. You broke my favorite shoe.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ya know...I've never really been a big fan of Halloween. The only cool thing about it was that you got free candy for just saying "trick-or-treat" and you didn't even need to do a trick. All Halloween is, is an attention-seeking holiday. I mean, really though...think about it. People try to have the best costumes just so people will notice them. I've always believed that Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress slutty and get away with it. Now we all know what I'm talking about. Obnoxious guys, thinking they are so cool in their ridiculous costumes and girls walking around, scantily dressed in their nurses outfits and soccer that is my idea of a party. Because I want to avoid this WHOREndous sight, Craig and I had a party of our own. We went grocery shopping and then played scrabble. Sure, you might say to yourself "wow that's extremely lame. Can you guys not think of anything else to do on Halloween night?" Frankly, we quite enjoyed our peace and quiet. Eat that Halloween....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So Today I was minding my own business watching good ol' "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC and the snuggie commercial came on. Now I know that we all know what snuggies are....what a fabulous invention right? Well through out the duration of the commercial i could not stop laughing not because of the rediculousness of the snuggie itself but the fact that they said...."You can even get a matching snuggie for your dog!" What is this proposterousness? Do dog's really get cold? and if they do that is what a kennel is for. It's not like your dog is really going to want to wear that hiteous thing anyway. I will give you this....I have been very tempted at times to purchase the snuggie for myself just to see what it's like...preferably the zebra print one. But really??....for your dog??? If you don't believe me go to

Doesn't this picture just capture the moment? I think I'm sold....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things that make me happy...

I've been thinking a lot lately about the things that make me happy....they might be a little odd....but they make me happy nevertheless. First things first....

My boyfriend is a stud.
Getting a 44% on my nutrition test and not even getting mad....
My work is only two minutes away. i could wake up at 6:58 if I wanted and could still get there on time.
My new coat from Forever 21...absolutely breath taking
BYU Football (most of the time)
My roommate Bekah :)
And for the grand finale....The Pizza Lady that holds the little Caesars sign on the corner of Bulldog and State Street....this blog post should really be dedicated to her. She is simply marvelous.

Let me just talk about her for a minute. During the summer I would purposely take that route to go places just so I could see that lady dance around on the corner. Oh how i wish i had a video of it. She would sit there kicking her legs and moving her sign around for literally hours without fail. She would be burnt to a crisp and still just have a smile on her face. I would sit there and watch her for a few minutes seriously wondering how she could possibly be happy doing that job. And then I remembered...."Hey this economy is pretty much in a least she's got something to be excited about...She actually has a job!" I seriously give this lady props. Sometimes I pass by her every once in a while for old times sake...and there she is...still just dancing around on the corner...happy as a clam. I wouldn't be surprised if she's still dancing out there in the middle of a blizzard. If she isn't...Provo will have definitely lost it's spark. I never knew anyone could be so happy promoting Little Caesars pizza. Pizza Lady on the corner....this is a shout out to you. I commend you for the goodness you bring into this world.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bear Lake

Last week I went to Bear Lake with Craig and his older brother and sister Dan and Jesse. It was absolutely freezing the entire a matter of fact it was snowing half the time. First snow fall of the winter! I definitely did not pack enough winter clothes for the trip but I was grateful for lots of blankets. Because it was too cold, we didn't get the chance to take the jet ski's out on the lake. We spent lots of time in the cabin playing games, mostly spider solitaire. I am proud to announce that Craig and I beat the hardest level twice. We did get the chance to take the ATV's out on Saturday. Craig has no mercy on those things but it was still way fun. There was some hot dog roasting and some gun shooting. It was definitely nice to get away from school and work for a few days. Totally worth it.

We played a little Poker one night. As you can see Craig kicked my trash. He got pretty much all the candy. I was left with just a snickers and one rolo.

Such a STUD

This was a nightly occurance...watching movies with Craig, Dan and Jesse

He doesn't do it too often but I got the pleasure of Craig serenading me.

Just having some fun in the mountains.

Craig and I going off jumps.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I woke up this morning being re-confirmed of the fact that I absolutely hate the mornings. I've been doing really good lately since I have a 9:30 class on Tuesday and Thursdays and that I have to be to work at 7 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But this morning was just one of those mornings...

The mornings when the first thing you think of is KILL ME NOW...

The mornings where you walk out and your hair looks absolutely outrageous...the bangs are plastered to your face and the rest of your hair is a frizz ball.

The mornings when you look at your hag self in the mirror for about 5 minutes debating if you should put on make up for the day...and then reality sets in and you really notice how much of a hag you look like and you wouldn't dare walking out in public like that.

The mornings when you don't feel like standing anymore to get ready so you literally sit an inch away from your mirror on your nasty 30 year old (or older) carpet at the riviera and not even think twice about it.

The mornings when you think you've picked a cute outfit for the day and you realize once people start staring at you on campus that your wearing the jeans you haven't washed in over a month, your undershirt is way too long for the regular shirt you have over it, and the scarf you chose to wear definitely didn't match the choice of shirt.

Oh the joys of waking up in the morning. You gotta love it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Insane Night

My heart is still pumping a thousand miles a minute just thinking about that game last night. BYU beat OU last night and I am in shock. I actually didn't watch the game live unfortunately, but before you freak out I have a very good explanation for it...

Well I had a hot date last night that took me to the Jon Schmidt concert at Thanksgiving Point. My date and I were able to watch the first quarter of the game before we left. We had his uncle record the game for us so that we could watch it right after the concert. We purposely didn't bring our phones to the concert because we didn't want to know who won the game until we got to watch it ourselves. Well we should've guessed that it would be brought up at the concert...hello....3000 people in Utah the night of the big game...we were destined to hear about it. well thanks to good ol' Jon in the middle of the concert he said "Oh the way who won the BYU game?" and of course everyone started screaming and yelling. My date and I were pretty disappointed that we found out but in all made the concert that much better knowing that we weren't going to go home to a lousy, disappointing game. I unfortuntaley missed all the celebrating in Provo after the game but I guess University was absolutely insane. Hats off to the defense who pretty much carried us to the end.

Let me just say the concert was absolutely amazing. Jon is the most incredible performer. Lets just say all the excitement of the concert and the game is not good for the body and I am absolutely exhausted today. Definitely worth the insane night we had.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear Sissy

Dear Sissy,

I think it is time for me to address a very serious matter. I love you to death. You are such a great role model of the type of woman I want to be. You are always so loving and very generous. You genuinely care about me and what's going on in my life.

Now let me lay a disclaimer before I state my concern...I love your Husband like I love my brothers. He is exactly the type of man you need...tall, very handsome, and definitely puts you in your place when needed. Now, saying that, I feel like after you got married your blogs are not as random and spontaneous. They are lacking in the what I like to call "Julie Laughing out Loud" department. Yes, they still are good but have definitely gone down hill a little bit. Maybe it's my lack of maturity or your growth of maturity over the years that make your blogs more sophisticated and more censored. But honestly, come on sissy...we all know you're the same person even after you got married. Maybe you don't have the desire to check out men in the grocery store or in the gym at 5 in the morning, but we all know that you still have those quirky random thoughts in that head of yours. Please, will you please share those for the public to read so that I can get myself a good laugh on a daily basis like I used to. Much Appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Monday, August 31, 2009


Quick little recaps of this California trip:

Thursday: Why did they ever think it was okay to bring crying babies onto a plane. Yes I know it's because I'm not a mother so I don't understand but come on people. Why would about 100 people want to listen to your crying baby for 2 hours straight. I sure didn't appreciate it.

Friday: That purchase for those hot tan boots from target was a blessed purchase.

Saturday: Walking into McDonalds to get a delicious egg and Sausage Mcmuffin with Summer and Jamie dressed in church clothes looking absolutely horrid. You would think that church clothes dress you up a bit....oh no...we were definitely proven wrong on Saturday. Singing to Brittany Spears and Pussy Cat dolls as loud on my way to San Diego with my two besties and not even caring who noticed...doesn't get much better than that.

Saturday cont.: Literally watching the Asian lady talk smack about me to the other Asain lady while getting my nails done. Hey if i'm going to be paying 35 bucks to get my nails done, they better look stunning. I don't care if I have to tell you 5 times to redo one nail.

All in all it was a great trip....I got spiritually uplifted at the San Diego temple and got myself some sexy boots and flawless nails. What else can a girl ask for.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I finally have roommates! Oh how marvelous it is to finally have people to talk to! Of course I love all of them for the time being....that's also because it's just the beginning of the finally see their true colors a few months in. But hey...I loved all my roommates last semester and it's honestly what you make of it. So i'm sure i'll love my new roommates this semester. I have lots of love to give.

But now that I have my girls we need to scope out the good-looking men. I have this fear that we will be lacking in that department. I'm hoping my fears will prove me wrong though. Hey you never know...I could meet my eternal companion here...KIDDING MOM! :) The Riv is starting to look upward. I really think i just needed some roommates to keep my sane.
Well folks...that's the newest update in good ol' P-town. Stay tuned for the next update when i go to church for the first time in our new ward...that's when I'm sure the blog about Mr. Eye Candy will happen...(i'm hoping) As for now, I'm heading off to beautiful, beachy, perfect weather California!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Apartment

Well it's that time again to pack up and move into a new apartment. The new apartment meaning the Old, run-down, smelly Riviera. I guess I get what I deserve. It was my bad to sign the contract with out even looking at the apartment first. But some friends wanted to live with me and The Riv was the only place that had a complete open apartment. It's got it's ups and downs.

We'll start with the downs:
-My apartment smells like a million ethnicities mixed together...not my favorite cup of tea.
-None of my roommates have moved in yet so I'm all by my lonesome self.
-The kitchen is literally the size of my wingspan.
-We have absolutely no storage space.
-I have no idea where I'm going to put all my clothes considering my closet is now half the size of my old one. I had barely enough closet space back at Liberty Square and I had an entire box packed up of all my winter clothes. This is going to be a challenge.
-I can't get rid of the fruit flies in the kitchen...
-And my favorite....the kitchen smells like a dead mouse and the smell is coming from the dishwasher. It's absolutely atrocious.

And now for the Ups:
-To be honest, I haven't seen much of the ups yet but I'm trying to think positive so this is stretching it...but...
-The bathroom space is quite large for 6 girls. My old apartment was a little crowded...we made it work but it was snug.
-The living room is pretty big too.
-There are plenty of mirrors...full body mirrors as a matter of fact... The more I think about it, the more I dislike them. Unlike Liberty Square we only had one mirror which you could only see half of your body. You would think something actually looked cute and then when you walk up on campus and see your reflection in a building door, you were in for an unpleasant surprise. Here at the Riv you can see if your outfit actually matches. Or everywhere you walk you can see how much of a hag you look like. It's also a constant reminder of how much you need to work out.

Well people, those are the ups and downs....and to think I'm stuck here for 8 months. The downs definitly out way the ups but it's my own attitude I need to adjust. I just wanted to write this all down for posterities sake...Never live at the Riv.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Peer Pressure

So I've always thought Blogs were for married couples who had no lives and all they did was blog about how amazing their husbands are. Last time I checked I'm not married. So what am I doing with a blog? I have no clue. Maybe this can count for my journal keeping. Special Shout out to my sissy Bre for urging me to start a blog.