Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So Today I was minding my own business watching good ol' "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC and the snuggie commercial came on. Now I know that we all know what snuggies are....what a fabulous invention right? Well through out the duration of the commercial i could not stop laughing not because of the rediculousness of the snuggie itself but the fact that they said...."You can even get a matching snuggie for your dog!" What is this proposterousness? Do dog's really get cold? and if they do that is what a kennel is for. It's not like your dog is really going to want to wear that hiteous thing anyway. I will give you this....I have been very tempted at times to purchase the snuggie for myself just to see what it's like...preferably the zebra print one. But really??....for your dog??? If you don't believe me go to www.snuggiesfordogs.com.

Doesn't this picture just capture the moment? I think I'm sold....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things that make me happy...

I've been thinking a lot lately about the things that make me happy....they might be a little odd....but they make me happy nevertheless. First things first....

My boyfriend is a stud.
Getting a 44% on my nutrition test and not even getting mad....
My work is only two minutes away. i could wake up at 6:58 if I wanted and could still get there on time.
My new coat from Forever 21...absolutely breath taking
BYU Football (most of the time)
My roommate Bekah :)
And for the grand finale....The Pizza Lady that holds the little Caesars sign on the corner of Bulldog and State Street....this blog post should really be dedicated to her. She is simply marvelous.

Let me just talk about her for a minute. During the summer I would purposely take that route to go places just so I could see that lady dance around on the corner. Oh how i wish i had a video of it. She would sit there kicking her legs and moving her sign around for literally hours without fail. She would be burnt to a crisp and still just have a smile on her face. I would sit there and watch her for a few minutes seriously wondering how she could possibly be happy doing that job. And then I remembered...."Hey this economy is pretty much in a grave...at least she's got something to be excited about...She actually has a job!" I seriously give this lady props. Sometimes I pass by her every once in a while for old times sake...and there she is...still just dancing around on the corner...happy as a clam. I wouldn't be surprised if she's still dancing out there in the middle of a blizzard. If she isn't...Provo will have definitely lost it's spark. I never knew anyone could be so happy promoting Little Caesars pizza. Pizza Lady on the corner....this is a shout out to you. I commend you for the goodness you bring into this world.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bear Lake

Last week I went to Bear Lake with Craig and his older brother and sister Dan and Jesse. It was absolutely freezing the entire time...as a matter of fact it was snowing half the time. First snow fall of the winter! I definitely did not pack enough winter clothes for the trip but I was grateful for lots of blankets. Because it was too cold, we didn't get the chance to take the jet ski's out on the lake. We spent lots of time in the cabin playing games, mostly spider solitaire. I am proud to announce that Craig and I beat the hardest level twice. We did get the chance to take the ATV's out on Saturday. Craig has no mercy on those things but it was still way fun. There was some hot dog roasting and some gun shooting. It was definitely nice to get away from school and work for a few days. Totally worth it.

We played a little Poker one night. As you can see Craig kicked my trash. He got pretty much all the candy. I was left with just a snickers and one rolo.

Such a STUD

This was a nightly occurance...watching movies with Craig, Dan and Jesse

He doesn't do it too often but I got the pleasure of Craig serenading me.

Just having some fun in the mountains.

Craig and I going off jumps.