Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Break

Thank goodness I come from a place that doesn't snow. And I'm very lucky that I got home just in time to miss all the rain! Christmas Break this year was absolutely wonderful. Last minute, I decided to go to Arizona to spend time with Jared's family. His mom was such a doll. Being a mother of 4 boys, she was definitely excited to have some more estrogen in the house! She made the room I was staying in as girlie as possible with a stuffed animal, flowers, and not to mention that Christmas barbie! haha. She was so fun to be with. Jared's Dad is so nice! He's very easy to talk to. One of my favorite moments was waking up Sunday morning before anyone else and making breakfast with his Dad. He's very wise and inspired. His brothers are all so fun and made me feel so comfortable. I was able to meet all of his friends that he talks so much about. A couple days before Christmas I flew back to California to be with my family. Those few days were very low key filled with lots and lots of crafts! Jared came to join us a couple days after Christmas. It was so fun to have him in my home territory and show him where a grew up and all my childhood memories. We went up to Santa Barbara and visited my Dad's nursery and went to the zoo with Lori and my mom. We did two puzzles and went to the beach. The weather was incredible. And then as all things do, reality set in and we had to come back up to the wonderful snowy, cold Provo Utah. Jared would get paid double time to work new years eve and new years day. We spend new years eve dinner at the one and only Los Hermanos. It was nice to regroup before classes started. All in all, it was such a fun break! And the best part about it is that Jared bought a car in Arizona but all the registration and paperwork needed to go through. So....we're going back to Arizona in two weeks to go pick up his car! We get to thaw out again from this horrible cold weather. I can't wait!