Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ever since I have been up here at BYU I have not been able to successfully make chocolate chip cookies. It's rather embarrassing I know. I used to be so good at them when I lived back home! Every time I make them, the cookies always go flat. I've tried everything!...more flour, less sugar, less name it...I've probably tried it. However because of the striking lad in the picture below....we solved the problem.
Jared came up with a really good idea to make cookies for some people in both of our wards to kick off our weekend! We're having a packed weekend with date night tomorrow to see the temple lights, babysitting sissy's kids on Saturday, and probably dinner with some friends on Sunday. Well, tonight we went back to our childhood years and made cookies for some people and ding dong ditched them to some people who we thought needed them. Me, being the same as I've always been, chickened out on it and so Jared had to ding dong ditch all of them. I stood there and watched from a distance for moral support. The fact of the matter is we made some pretty DANG GOOD cookies. And I think the problem that I was having before is I wasn't using a good enough cookie sheet. We used a couple different ones tonight and only one of them really worked well. It's either that or God was blessing us for doing service. Take your pick. We made over 60 cookies to give to people and I'm proud to say that all of them were a success!


  1. That last picture made me really crave some cookie dough! Congrats on making awesome cookies with a cute cookie :)

  2. yay!!! i'm glad they turned out! you can make me some any time! :)