Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Official!

It has been way too long since I've been on this thing and boy have things changed. Most of you should already know but I'm getting married! We got engaged on March 18th and I couldn't be happier. Well....here's the story...
Jared and I had gone ring shopping a week and a half before so I was expecting the ring any time. He took me out to dinner on that Friday night to the most romantic place...5 guys :) Jared had a gift card and the way we do it around here is if it's free than why waste the money on something else? I was hoping he was going to ask me that night but after dinner I figured it was not happening. I just figured he would take me somewhere really nice but I liked it better this way because I wasn't expecting it anymore!...until.....on the drive home from dinner he asked me if I wanted dessert. Of course I said sure so he took me back to the apartments. He whipped out some things to make s'mores over the stove. (The first time we ever hung out together we made s'mores over the stove) As soon as he brought it all out, I knew the engagement was coming. After s'mores he turned on some music and asked me to dance with him. (The first date we every went on we went bachata dancing) By this time I really knew it was coming but at the same time I didn't want to get my hopes up. Jared was acting SUPER happy and all lovey dovey and I honestly thought he was going to be so nervous and awkward the night he proposed so I was a little thrown off. After we danced, we got back in the car to go to the duck pond on BYU campus. (The first week we hung out we went to the duck pond). Before we left, Jared had to run back to his apartment to get a blanket really quick. While he was gone, I opened up the middle console in his car to grab some gum. In the middle console there was a tie all bundled up in the corner....I thought that was a little strange and then didn't think anything of it (How stupid could I possibly be right??) We sat at the duck pond for a really long time talking and reminiscing about our relationship. (By this time I was getting a little anxious. I just wanted him to propose already!) He put me back in the car and decided to blind fold me.....with the tie that he had bundled up in the middle console. He's very tricky I've come to find. The ring box was all waddled up inside the tie and so that's when I get the ring into his pocket. He drove around for about 15 minutes trying to confuse me so I didn't know where we were. He succeeded...I didn't know where we were. I was just ready to have that ring on my finger but I played along with him anyway. Where we ended up was in the Tanner Building on Campus. This is where we talked for the first time in institute class. He had me sit in the exact chair I was sitting in when He first met me and he was sitting in the row behind me where He was sitting. How he remembers where I was sitting...I couldn't tell you. The sad thing about this whole situation was that I didn't make the connection of why we were there. I had totally forgot that was where we talked for the first time!....until he started his whole little speech. He eventually came around and got on one new and proposed. Of course I started crying and was just shocked because I wasn't expecting it to happen there. It was all so great! I'm just so happy that we're finally engaged and that we can talk about things that were so taboo before!
July 2nd is the date and it the days couldn't go by any slower. It seems like every day just gets longer and longer but hopefully April will go by fast! There's lots to do and lots to plan so hopefully the big day will come soon enough!

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