Monday, August 31, 2009


Quick little recaps of this California trip:

Thursday: Why did they ever think it was okay to bring crying babies onto a plane. Yes I know it's because I'm not a mother so I don't understand but come on people. Why would about 100 people want to listen to your crying baby for 2 hours straight. I sure didn't appreciate it.

Friday: That purchase for those hot tan boots from target was a blessed purchase.

Saturday: Walking into McDonalds to get a delicious egg and Sausage Mcmuffin with Summer and Jamie dressed in church clothes looking absolutely horrid. You would think that church clothes dress you up a bit....oh no...we were definitely proven wrong on Saturday. Singing to Brittany Spears and Pussy Cat dolls as loud on my way to San Diego with my two besties and not even caring who noticed...doesn't get much better than that.

Saturday cont.: Literally watching the Asian lady talk smack about me to the other Asain lady while getting my nails done. Hey if i'm going to be paying 35 bucks to get my nails done, they better look stunning. I don't care if I have to tell you 5 times to redo one nail.

All in all it was a great trip....I got spiritually uplifted at the San Diego temple and got myself some sexy boots and flawless nails. What else can a girl ask for.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I finally have roommates! Oh how marvelous it is to finally have people to talk to! Of course I love all of them for the time being....that's also because it's just the beginning of the finally see their true colors a few months in. But hey...I loved all my roommates last semester and it's honestly what you make of it. So i'm sure i'll love my new roommates this semester. I have lots of love to give.

But now that I have my girls we need to scope out the good-looking men. I have this fear that we will be lacking in that department. I'm hoping my fears will prove me wrong though. Hey you never know...I could meet my eternal companion here...KIDDING MOM! :) The Riv is starting to look upward. I really think i just needed some roommates to keep my sane.
Well folks...that's the newest update in good ol' P-town. Stay tuned for the next update when i go to church for the first time in our new ward...that's when I'm sure the blog about Mr. Eye Candy will happen...(i'm hoping) As for now, I'm heading off to beautiful, beachy, perfect weather California!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Apartment

Well it's that time again to pack up and move into a new apartment. The new apartment meaning the Old, run-down, smelly Riviera. I guess I get what I deserve. It was my bad to sign the contract with out even looking at the apartment first. But some friends wanted to live with me and The Riv was the only place that had a complete open apartment. It's got it's ups and downs.

We'll start with the downs:
-My apartment smells like a million ethnicities mixed together...not my favorite cup of tea.
-None of my roommates have moved in yet so I'm all by my lonesome self.
-The kitchen is literally the size of my wingspan.
-We have absolutely no storage space.
-I have no idea where I'm going to put all my clothes considering my closet is now half the size of my old one. I had barely enough closet space back at Liberty Square and I had an entire box packed up of all my winter clothes. This is going to be a challenge.
-I can't get rid of the fruit flies in the kitchen...
-And my favorite....the kitchen smells like a dead mouse and the smell is coming from the dishwasher. It's absolutely atrocious.

And now for the Ups:
-To be honest, I haven't seen much of the ups yet but I'm trying to think positive so this is stretching it...but...
-The bathroom space is quite large for 6 girls. My old apartment was a little crowded...we made it work but it was snug.
-The living room is pretty big too.
-There are plenty of mirrors...full body mirrors as a matter of fact... The more I think about it, the more I dislike them. Unlike Liberty Square we only had one mirror which you could only see half of your body. You would think something actually looked cute and then when you walk up on campus and see your reflection in a building door, you were in for an unpleasant surprise. Here at the Riv you can see if your outfit actually matches. Or everywhere you walk you can see how much of a hag you look like. It's also a constant reminder of how much you need to work out.

Well people, those are the ups and downs....and to think I'm stuck here for 8 months. The downs definitly out way the ups but it's my own attitude I need to adjust. I just wanted to write this all down for posterities sake...Never live at the Riv.