Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apple Juice

Yesterday I decided to go up to the library to study...look at me being all studious. Well I wanted to bring up some apple juice to thirst my quench on my long treacherous hike up to campus so I just brought my whole bottle. As you know, the basketball game was yesterday. I get up to campus and still drinking my juice out of the jug. I was getting really awkward stares and weird looks. It then hit me that apple juice looks a lot like beer. The thought crossed my mind..."what if people think i'm hiding my beer in my apple juice bottle so that I can get drunk before the big game."...and then i continued to drink away. Oh the joys of BYU.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Can I just tell you how awful the ice is. I'm sure we all know how awful the ice is but let me expound... the ice is AWFUL. I really don't mind the fresh's fun to throw around and have snow ball fights with which I did do the other night with people in my ward. So fun by the way!...Anyway...the ice. I hate how there's different types of ice. I hate how sometimes there is a very thin layer of powder on the ice so you think you are safe walking through it and then you are horribly mistaken when your butt is on the ground. I hate how sometimes it really is powder and then randomly you get the stupid ice patches that make you slip. I hate that no matter what shoes you are still destined to fall on the ice. Now I'm only complaining about the ice because this past friday I was walking to class...(I was early by the way) and I decided to take a little short cut. Note to self...never take a short cut when there's snow on the ground. I was up by Helaman Halls and I was cutting through the grass which had a couple ice patches. I thought I was good. I first walking on frozen grass which wasn't bad and then I had to cross the miserable ice patch. As soon as I laid foot on that thing I slipped and fell. I was holding a box so I couldn't catch myself. I literally landed straight on my rear. Needless to say....I have a huge bruise on my behind...don't worry...I checked. And it hurts....BAD. Curse you Ice and the huge bruise you gave me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Note to the boy...

Note to the boy in the library that walked past me literally 5 times...I can see you. I just pretend like I can't. Seriously....if you want a girl to notice you please don't walk past 5 million times and try to make eye contact. It makes me sick. And don't pretend like you actually have something to walk around about. I can maybe understand once or twice to go get a drink of water if your parched...but really...5 times?...I don't think your THAT thirsty.

Note to the boy who was sitting across from me earlier...Quit rasing your eyebrows at me. I don't even know you and you're really starting to freak me out...

Note to the boy who is now sitting across from me....Please notice my existence. You are a freakin babe.


Oh how much I love the library for a number of reasons....I won't go into detail about all of them but I will on one of them...Couples. Oh sweet couples. How you graciously present yourself in the library by macking all up on each other. Last time I checked...this was a library...not a room. So let me give you a tip...get a room. It makes me sick seeing you nuzzle up into his ear and whisper sweet nothings to him...(just like that couple in my sunday school class the other week) I find it highly disrespectful. I come to the library to get away from the distractions of the world (you). Do me a favor and get out. Thanks. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Deep Thoughts

So I've been thinking lately about a bunch of random things...

1. Why does trident gum taste so bad. You chew it for maybe 5 minutes and then it goes bad and leaves you with a horrible after-taste....never again will I buy an 18 pack of trident from costco (maybe there is a reason why it was on sale)
2. Why is my second toe longer than my big toe? really is a sick deformity.
3. Why am I crazy enough to wake up and go to the gym at 5:45 every morning...I'm a college student...we weren't made to do these things.
4. Why is stats so unbelievably hard?...My mistake for taking it at 9 in the's death.
5. Why did I laugh so dang hard when I read my sister's blog about my dad saying..."it's time for another orca feeding!"...probably because it's true.
6. Why are there so many beautiful men that just moved into my ward this semester? eyes have been opened to the single life.
7. Why do I still where my ugly ugg boots that have holes in both heels in the middle of the winter....water seeps through almost every day. You think I would learn.
8. Why can I never manage to keep my room clean...sorry Bek.
9. Why do I have a nasty blood blister in my i was not busy kissing boys. Promise.
and finally...
10. Why does are dang TV only get 3 freakin channels. I need my Bachelor and Office!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


.....Beautiful Boy sat next to me in the library today. The End.